Tunis album out now.

Thursday, December 9th, 2010 | Live Shows, Music!, The Making of the 5th Leafcutter Album

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I’m really happy to say I have a few copies of the new album and it’s looking and sounding lovely – I all ways wanted a CD case that wasn’t made out of plastic!

Have a listen to the opening track ‘A slowly growing beautiful’ while you read the rest of this article:

This is a semi-live album recorded in a Cathedral in Tunis, using only sounds recorded in and around Tunis. The concert was recorded and I worked with this material back in london to make the material for the album. Some of the tracks are totally live and others use live elements with added sounds and instruments.

I think you can purchase the album and listen to all of it HERE thanks in advance from me and the label if you choose to buy it.

Take care,

Leafcutter John x.

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7 Comments to Tunis album out now.

December 10, 2010

Gah, I’ve been looking forward to this, but I can’t afford to spend another penny til after Christmas.
A Slowly Growing Beautiful is really gorgeous though, as is Palm Reader. This is everything I hoped for.

Philippe Franck
December 10, 2010

Great! Looking foward to listen to your euro-tunisian pieces. I keep a very good memory of your outstanding performance in the Cathedral of Carthage at the FEST in June. I am happy and proud that Transcultures participated to this fruitfull and usefull E-FEST projet (too bad the European Commission did not go on supporting it, but we’ll try to go ahead with our Tunisan partners). Thanks for your input, hope to see you again sometime in Brussels, London, Paris, or some place else on the planet..

December 17, 2010

I love recycled card cd wallets, sadly they are more expensive than plastic… Damned petroleum based humanity!

Frank Styles
December 24, 2010

Bought it the moment I heard it was released, and what a good purchase it was!

December 26, 2010

no vinyl?

Leafcutter John
December 26, 2010

no vinyl. Sorry.

June 23, 2011

Do you know if anyone in the US is selling this one? Thanks…

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