Boxing Day Java Script in Max/MSP

Monday, December 27th, 2010 | Building Things, Max/MSP, Software News, video, video tutorial

Hope you are having a good Crimbo. I’ve been thinking about making some video tutorials covering Generative and Algorithmic music in Max/MSP. Have been sidetracked somewhat by learning Javascript within the JS Max object, which as it happens is very useful for Generative music making. So far I have made a patch which essentially documents me learning JS. I’ll be making this available soon with an accompanying video. Then I’ll be moving on to a comprehensive Algorithmic Music Tutorial.



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December 28, 2010

hi john,

do you mind me asking what resources you’ve been using for learning javascript? i’ve been looking around, but not found anything pitched towards me (someone with ‘programming’ skills through max, but not programming programming skills. if that makes sense


Leafcutter John
December 28, 2010

Not at all Robin. I bashed away with the JS object until i could understand how to get things into it and out of it. then moved on to looking at how the language actually works. It’s quite similar to the syntax used in Processing which i have used a bit. This is good reference for JS and to understand how the language works, this guy has a lot of tutorials which will get you going. In the next few weeks I’m definitely going to do a video tutorial. I’m sending you the tutorial max file – maybe you can let me know if it’s readable in Max 5? It’s not quite finished yet but if you start at the beginning you should be able to get a feel of JS. I’m really liking it and finding uses for it all the time…
Oh yeah I nearly forgot, read the “JavascriptInMax.pdf” :-)

August 30, 2012

Hello Out there,well now it’s been a while I am looking to see about your AlgoJS video tutorial but… Let me know about it, I am 200% interested into it.
Thanks again.

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