Listen to new Leafcutter John remix of Origamibiro

Friday, May 13th, 2011 | field recording, Music!, remix

Sometimes making music is so much fun you wonder why anyone would ever do anything else! I was asked to remix Origamibiro’s ‘Quad Time & The Genius of The Crowd’ and had a ball giving it a thorough Leafcutterising. I really enjoyed working on the Origamibiro material and was extra specially exited to use my field recording of an eccentric man commenting on the look of my microphone’s wind protector.

I used lot’s of outdoor field recordings to try and give this a summery feel, I think it worked?! If you have an opinion the track leave a comment on soundcloud or here, it’s all ways interesting to hear what you think.

LJ x.

p.s. Check out who will be releasing the a remix compilation album. Also this is a live version of the same track.

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