3 modular synth excercises…

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014 | Building Things, Electronics, Modular Synth

The idea was to get to know some of my modules better and to try and emulate a couple of real-world sounds. I limited myself to 15 mins per patch so they are not perfect but I had a lot of fun and found out a lot about my system – like how much I love the A-199 spring.

In no particular order….

Church Bells
Signal source is a Modcan FMVDO supported by a 110 sawtooth and frequency divided square wave (thanks a-163). Also present the ring mod output of the MFB 0sc-02. FMVDO goes through make noise MMG and the other stuff through a 101-2 LPG. Notes thanks to Turing Machine quantised via A-156. A-199 reverb and a little Dub Jr delay on the FMVDO and the other waves dry

Water Drops
Signal source is an A-106-6 filter on the verge of oscillation, pinged by random gates from 1-149-1 expander. Random pitches from 1-149-1 distribution output. Some drops have a pitch bend env generated by MFB dual ADSR. A-199 reverb and a little Dub Jr delay

Rock Guitar Freakout, (Thurston Moore Simulator)
Basic patch is Piston Honda into A-199 Spring reverb, with PH wavetable modulation. Pitches come from A-149-1. There is a little Dub Jr delay which is randomly faded in but I like the reverb sound better.

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