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Tuesday, November 29th, 2016 | Building Things, LeafyShop

I love contact microphones and have used them extensively on my records and installations from the late 90’s until recently. They are like little sonic microscopes allowing you to listen in (and record) the secret internal sounds of everyday objects.

One drawback of most contact microphones is that they can be very delicate and I’ve had both DIY and +£100 pickups break. That’s why I’ve designed and made a small selection of more rugged contact mics.



The above mics are housed in a tough copper outer casing, offering protection from physical damage and electrical interference. They’re crafted with high quality 4mm Van Damme XKE cable, and I only use top quality connectors (Neutrik/Rean). The contact mics are made and tested by myself in my east London workshop.

There are two contact mic models, the only difference is the base material.

base-materials-webYou can choose HIP (High Impact Plastic) or wood as a base material. The sound is very similar. The plastic offers slightly more bass response and the wood has a touch more high-end clarity. Please note: the plastic may be white or black and the type of wood used will change depending on stock levels.

Introducing the Studio, a beautiful Perspex cased, hand made contact mic designed for studio work.

moody shot studio crop


You can specify what kind of connector you would like on the cable


The first two Jack plug options come with a 1.5 metre lead and the Female Socket comes with a short lead.


If you’d like a mic you can CONTACT ME  I’ve built up some stock which I’ll be selling shortly.

Also keep an eye on my social media, thats where I’ll announce prototypes and new stuff. 



Thanks for the support people! On to building……



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