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Sunday, December 14th, 2008 | Building Things, Forester, Max/MSP, Software News

An experiment using Max/MSP playing a circular pattern of sounds. The distance between two nodes determines the time taken to go from one to the other.

A couple of things make this Vid a little confusing to watch. The frame rate can’t keep up with the position a lot of the time – take it from me the pattern remains the same: 1>2>3>4>5>6>7>8>repeat… etc. Also the tempo sometimes changes without the nodes changing position. This is because there is a master time multiplier off screen which i’m using to scale the speed. The relative times of the nodes stay the same. Also it’s hard to see the connections between the nodes on the video, that’s youtube’s video compression. Oh yeah and then there is the yellow marker who just sits there doing nothing, that’s my lazy programming.

Anyway if you like the sounds of machines starting up or spinning down you might like this.

Leafcutter John x.

p.s. and i nearly forgot to mention that if you want to try out some nodal music there are several free applications available to do this. I’ve not played with them much so i’m not sure what they are like to use.

Tiction Is quite similar in appearance to my program though it’s more fully developed. Mac, Win, & Linux.

Nodal is a fairly deep “generative software application for composing music” Mac only.

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