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Thursday, February 12th, 2009 | Graphic Scores, Live Shows

Sorry about the lack of updates over the last week and a half, I went away on the Take 5 program which is a career development residency run by Serious on a beautiful organic farm just outside the M25. It’s primarily for jazz musicians but they are open minded enough to have invited me so I guess that means it’s fairly wide open. Anyhow it was a great week, very hard work but lovely people, food, and wine. 

Also on a Jazzy tip, I just read this nice review in Jazzwise magazine of the recent Kammer Klang concert at Charlie Wright’s:


“An animated score designed by the enigmatic Leafcutter John, projected onto a blank canvas, provided the structural platform for in-performance composition by the Kammer Klang quartet. Four lines colour coded to each musician respectively, warped over time in size, shape and position, which the musicians interpreted by variations in volume, pitch, attack and decay. The absence of rhythmic, harmonic and melodic structure entailed that the music emanated directly from each musician’s emotional centre. Despite the freedom afforded by this method of musical expression there was an evident coherence to the group’s performance. 

An arresting improvised solo set by Leafcutter John of his pioneering ‘folktronica’ concluded the evening. A multi-layered, multi-textured electronic soundscape instantaneously engaged the audience. The acoustic fabrics of guitar, accordion and voice interacted with electronic sound swarms and distortions as each effect seemingly consumed its predecessor. 

The musical and intellectual density of the evening matched its engaging and accessible nature: a fine combination for such progressive music.”     

Review: Joseph Kassman-Tod 

Take care,

Leafcutter John.

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