Animated Graphic Score Played by York University Music Students

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009 | Graphic Scores, Processing


This is a recording of the first run-through of my score with students from York Uni’s Music Department. I love how they played the piece and it’s even more amazing considering this was the first time they had laid eyes on it. The result is surprisingly coherent given that there are 11 people playing.

Recorded with a little stereo mic in the middle of the room so the instrument balance is way off I’m afraid. The piece will be performed by an augmented version of this ensemble as part of the York Spring Music Festival in May 2009.

Many thanks to the musicians for their enthusiasm and for allowing me to put up a rehersal, and thanks to Simon for all his organising!

Performed by: 

  • Violin – Hannah Wells
  • Viola – Vic Bernath
  • Cello – Chris Mullender
  • Double Bass – Vanessa McWilliam
  • Double Bass – Gareth Taitt
  • Oboe – Des Clarke 
  • Flute – Megan Fennell
  • Flute – Ellie Haines
  • French Horn – Benjamin Gait
  • Piano – Dave Morecroft
  • Voice – Anna Goldbeck-Wood
Leafcutter John.

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10 Comments to Animated Graphic Score Played by York University Music Students

February 25, 2009

the improvisation of this musicians is so inspiring! good work! and this is fair to name them. encore une fois : bravo.

February 25, 2009

have a look at this, my first attracteurs étranges:

Leafcutter John
February 25, 2009

Nice Attractors! How did you make them?

February 26, 2009

i just begin with processing so i’m not good enought to make those with it but i found a really cool freeware to draw chaos : chaoscope
but it’s only for windows…

[…] at York University running through Leafcutter John’s Animated Graphic Score for the first […]

Leafcutter John
February 26, 2009
February 26, 2009

merci beaucoup john! i love the tree (so xenakis’ style), i just have to work on it… i now decide to have days of 56 hours…
Mica aka “ors besonhos” (the plodding bear – in occitan)

Shane Mc Kenna
March 24, 2009

Great performance, works well with the larger ensemble. I’ve been meaning to get a few different interpretations of my last score if you know anyone interested.

Thomas Baudel
April 18, 2009

I really like your scores. I’d like to carry HighC towards this direction.

Would this sort of tool be useful to you as a composer?

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