The Sky Is Darker Than The Road (File, MP3) Not On Label 1999
Concourse E.E.P. (Album) (3 versions) Planet Mu 2000
Microcontact (CD, Album) Planet Mu 2001
Zeagma / Hub Myth/Daktacort (2 versions) Planet Mu 2001
The Housebound Spirit (CD, Album) Planet Mu 2003
The Forest And The Sea (2 versions) Staubgold 2006
Tunis (2 versions) Tsuku Boshi 2011
Greatest Hits (CD) Thursa2 (Hostile Takeo… Tigerbeat6 2001
So Soon (CD, Album) Broccoli Planet Mu 2001
American Breakbeat: Rebuilt (2xCD) Ne Protecto Klangkrieg 2002
Pillow (Maxi) ? (4 versions) Pillow (Leafcutter Joh… XL Recordings 2002
Firecamp Stories Remixes (CD) The Ballad Of Jimmy Ho… theAgriculture 2003
Firecamp Stories Remixes EP 3 (12″, EP) The Ballad Of Jimmy Ho… theAgriculture 2003
Knightboat (MiniAlbum) ? (2 versions) Knightboat (Leafcutter… Klangkrieg 2004
SPEX CD #37 (CD, Comp) Knightboat (Leafcutter… Spex Magazine 2004
1937 (CD) Canhop Sounds Are Active 2005
External Combustion (File, MP3) Untitled Schematic 2005
Analog For Architecture (2 versions) Good Mourning (Leafcut… Highpoint Lowlife 2006
OK (2xCD, RM) Traveller (Leafcutter … Island Records 2009
Petrol Powered Soldier Series Pt. 1 (7″) Please (Leafcutter Joh… Melange
Appears On:
New York / Playground (12″) New York Faith And Industry 2003
Happy Happy (CD) Faith And Industry 2004
Correspondance_Electronique #1 (CDr, Album, Mix) Globus Playpen, Kohms? Kahem vs Wimp 2005
Held On The Tips Of Fingers (CD, Album) Rub Recordings 2005
Nomad Junk (CD) Jamboree Faith And Industry 2005
Polar Bear (Album) (2 versions) Tin Angel Records 2008
Tracks Appear On:
The Cosmic Forces Of Mu (2xCD, Comp) Khom?s Planet Mu 2001
Tigerbeat6 Inc. (2xCD) Untitled 4 [Edit] Tigerbeat6 2001
Gerdas Grosse Gruppe (CD, Dig) Violence Klangkrieg 2002
The Wire Tapper 9 (2xCD) Mandolin Work (Edit) Wire Magazine 2002
Zod Mix.02 (CD) Catho Zod 2002
45 Seconds Of: (CD) If (pie)=1 Simballrec 2003
Output 01 (CD, Enh) Untitled Sintesi Archivio 2003
Children Of Mu (2xCD, Comp) In A House Or A Soul … Planet Mu 2004
Club Transmediale 04 (Fly Utopia) (2xCD) Electric Love Data Error 2004
Observer Drift (2xCDr) Public Sound #372, Hac… Authorised Version 2004
Homenaje (2xCD) The Lesson Rackham Records 2005
Mind The Gap Volume 63 (CD, Comp) In The Morning Gonzo Circus 2006
Orange (File, AAC, Copy Prot., Comp, Album) Lesson Dreams By Degrees 2006
Sacred Symbols Of Mu (2xCD, Comp) Lesson Planet Mu 2006
The Wire Tapper 15 (CD, Comp) Let It Begin (Edit) Wire Magazine 2006
1|Favourite,Places (CD, Comp, Album) Guitar Composed Audiobulb Records 2007
Asleep On Trains (CDr, Comp, Ltd) Enlace hellosQuare Recordings 2007
La Grande Illusion (CD, Smplr, Promo) Seba Staubgold 2007
Qwartz Compilation Edition 3 (3xCD, Comp) Let It Begin TRAD.D 2007
Fantomastique Acoustica (CD, Promo, Enh) Remix Off 2008

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February 12, 2009

Bloody hell man, You remind me of Thomas Dolby!!!
Good on ya mate!

I’ll let you know how your SW is used im my studio.
I love to mix things up!

Thanks again,


will mcd
March 10, 2011

stonking performance by youse all at Oto last night…Thanks….. as promised will make haste to alternative sources to spotify and broadcast the word high and wide

chris bigg
September 16, 2011

hello leafcutter is john or tony!

all good meeting at ‘punkt’ hope all is good
drop me a message when you have time

best wishes chris

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