Boxing Day Java Script in Max/MSP

Monday, December 27th, 2010 | Building Things, Max/MSP, Software News, video, video tutorial | 3 Comments

Hope you are having a good Crimbo. I’ve been thinking about making some video tutorials covering Generative and Algorithmic music in Max/MSP. Have been sidetracked somewhat by learning Javascript within the JS Max object, which as it happens is very useful for Generative music making. So far I have made a patch which essentially documents me learning JS. I’ll be making this available soon with an accompanying video. Then I’ll be moving on to a comprehensive Algorithmic Music Tutorial.



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Generative/Algorithmic max/msp patch programming….. Starting to yield results

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010 | Building Things, Max/MSP, Music! | 8 Comments

rahehA little output from a software patch i’m working on to make music out of user input. The input in this case is any number. All the patterns are generated from this number, there is no randomness used in the software, so if you enter the number twice you get the same output. These examples also use one source sample which i was changing throughout. Still lot’s I want to do with this, the melodic parts could do with a lot of work for example…

I’m wondering if I should make this into Forester 2? And if there is any interest I could do a generative music video tutorial of some sort… hummm…

J x.

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