Forester 2022

Forester 2022 Out Now!

Unique and inspiring stand-alone modular sonic playground and successor to the original Forester released in 2006.

For Mac (Intel & M1), and Windows computers.

Played like an instrument and good at making work feel fun!

Brilliant for working with: Field recordings, Stems, Whole tracks, Live inputs of all kinds.

Forester is a living thing and will be updated regularly (at least every month for the first year 2022). There will be new Generators and Effects periodically which will extend Forester’s capabilities.

Download the Forester manual – HERE

Currently in Forester:

42TF – Rhythm generator which makes a beat out of your input
anni – Weaves a sonic fabric from 8 pitched samples. Inspired by Anni Albers
chunker   – Creates rhythmic chunks of the input sample
classic – 2 pitched and looped sections of the input
droner – 2 wandering pitched and looped sections of the input w/phasor
elastique – A speed variable filtered grain of the input with drive. Inspired by Bernard               Parmegiani’s Étude Élastique
granular – 16 voice granular playback of input
grit – A crude un-windowed mono grain inspired by Jon Wall
incidenced – Creates rhythmic chunks of the input sample inspired by Bernard Parmegiani’s Incidences / Résonances
phaseVoc – A frozen or slowly moving spectral moment
play – Simple sample playback
stereoIN – Stereo external live sound input

ampEnv – Looping volume envelope applied to input
ampEnvQ – Looping volume envelope locked to tempo applied to input
fastShift – 2 channel delay based pitch shifter
freqShift – 2 channel FFT based pitch shifter (4096 sample latency)
frozenMo – Spectral hold
grubbyDelay – A slightly fuzzy tape-like delay
looper – Non-quantized looper
reso – 12 resonators
space – Artificial reverberation
squish – An odd little volume increaser
strata – three-band-multi-distorter

Minimum System Requirements
Mac Intel: OS X 10.11.6 or later, Intel® CoreTM2 Duo processor. Intel® CoreTM i5 processor or faster recommended, 8 GB RAM.

Mac Silicon: OS 11.0 or later, Apple M1 ARM-based processor, 8 GB RAM.

Windows: Windows 8 or Windows 10, 64-bit Intel® or AMD multi-core processor. Intel® CoreTM i5 processor or faster recommended, and 8 GB RAM.

Screen size at least 1440 x 900. (Users with smaller screens can use View/Zoom out to make it fit).
Optional: MIDI Keyboard – Very much fun and reccomended.
Disc Space: 1GB.

Forester runs within the Max 8 software Mac or PC. You need Max 8.1.10 or later. Download it HERE –  You do not have to pay for this. It will just run in demo mode after the 30 days trial. Forester will continue to work perfectly. 


Purchasing Forester

Forester 2022 is free if you previously donated to my software development fund.

Otherwise there is a suggested donation of £20 for students / unwaged. Or £40 if you earn a wage. On purchase you will be added to the Forester mailing list and will be informed every time there is a new version of Forester available. You’ll also get access to the Forester community Discord where you can share your Forester tips and tricks and maybe even influence what new Effects and Generators I make next.

Please double check your machine meets the system requirments above then click on the appropriate link to purchase Forester – You will be taken to the software download page once payment is complete.

PURCHASE FORESTER 2022 for the waged. Currently at a pre-version 1 discount £45

PURCHASE FORESTER 2022 for the un-waged. Currently at a pre-version 1 discount £25

Note: A small number of users have not been taken to the download page after making their PayPal purchase. If that happens to you don’t worry just mail me at leafcutterjohn [at] gmail [dot] com and I’ll send you a download link.

It appears that users in Russia and Japan can’t use the donate button (thanks PayPal!) just mail me at leafcutterjohn [at] gmail [dot] com let me know if you want the waged or un-waged price and I’ll sort you out.

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