Lockdown Patchwork


Parks and green spaces are vital for our physical and mental wellbeing. Studies show they can make us happier and healthier; they encourage us to exercise, to socialise, to relax and they can help reduce health conditions including heart disease, obesity, and depression.

Despite this, millions of people living in the UK can’t readily access outdoor space and nature. People living in low-income urban households are more likely to live further from safe, quality green spaces.

To raise awareness about the issue of access and celebrate green spaces at a time when they’re more important than ever, I’m making a piece of music from a patchwork of UK field recordings made during the coronavirus pandemic. And this is where you come in!

If there’s an outdoor space that matters to you, no matter where or what it is, I want you to capture sounds from it. You might not think of yourself as a sound recordist, but if you have a smartphone, portable recorder or any other recording tool, then you most definitely are.

Your submission could be birdsong recorded on your balcony, chatter on your allotment patch, a river flowing or a dog in the park: anything you like, captured anywhere you like. The only requirements are that you must have made the recording  yourself and you must be happy for me to use it as an ingredient in my piece.

If all this sounds good to you, please follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Record the sound of your green space.

2. Upload your recording to a file transfer service such as wetransfer.com or sync.com (both free to use).

3. Send the link to lockdownpatchwork@gmail.com and tell a little bit about the recording. I’ll need to know:

Where it was made? What were you recording? How would you like to be credited?

If you send me your postal address (UK only please), I will send you a limited edition Lockdown Patchwork print which I’m making as part of this project.

The deadline for submissions is Friday December 11th.

The fine print:

By submitting a sound you confirm that you made the recording and that it does not contain copyrighted material.

You continue to have all creative rights over your sound but grant me the right to adapt and re-use it under the terms of the Creative Commons BY license. As such your sound may be used in whole or in part by Leafcutter John and you will be credited.

We will endeavor to use all sounds submitted but cannot accept sounds that do not fit the criteria above. We reserve the right not to use recordings.