Visual Art

Here are a selection of artworks I have produced on a large plotter I designed and built in the summer of 2019. Each plot is unique (I never plot the same design twice). They are all for sale unless stated. If you’d like to purchase plots send me an email and don’t forget to let me know the numbers of the prints you’re interested in:

If you’d like to know more about the process or want to make a purchase please read the FAQs at the end of the page.

There are currently 6 galleries to explore….

New Work!


Line-Avoidance Algorithm gallery
Arcs Gallery
Line Morphing Gallery
Spiral Gallery
3D Gallery

What is a plotter? 

A plotter is a device that can be used for plotting graphics. Plotters use a drawing tool to make continuous lines onto paper. The quality of the line from a plotter can be drastically changed by selecting different drawing implements and paper types. Plotting generally takes longer than printing and can be a very hands-on process.

How are the images made?

I make the designs using Max a visual programming language for music and multimedia. I’ve built my own plotter which can plot up to 1m x 1.2m. Each plot is unique and I never plot the same design twice.

How do I buy a Plot?

Just send me an email with the numbers of the plots you’d like. I’ll let you know about payment and postage options.

What Kind of Paper and Pens do you use?

I use only Acid-free papers, and I’m moving toward environmentally friendly paper suppliers. I use mainly pigment based pens which are much more resistant to fading compared with dye based pens. In my fountain pens I use only Noodlers Black inks which has proved to be amongst the most fade-resistant of inks.

How do I make my plot last a very very long time?

Keep your plot out of direct sunlight. UV will fade any pigment or dye over time so this is the best way to keep your print looking good. I recommend getting your print professionally framed using UV coated glass.